Ministrante: Andreza de Bem

Horário e data: 16h15 – 17h45 dia 27 (quinta)
Local: Auditório 01 - Instituto de Biologia UnB


Several epidemiological evidences point out to the connection between chronic metabolic disorders, including obesity, dyslipidemia and hyperglycemia, to neurotoxicity and age-related diseases. Exacerbated inflammatory signaling is thought to coordinate many deleterious cellular events that lead to neuronal dysfunction in specific cerebral areas, including hypothalamus and hippocampus, in metabolic disorders and ageing. Due to this common etiological overlap between metabolic disorders, ageing, depression and cognitive impairment, it might be hypothesized that peripheral and central inflammatory response may converge into a final common pathway leading to neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration. In this symposium the speaker will discuss recent findings regarding different mechanisms mediating neuronal damage in the metabolic disorder scenario.